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THAW CHOKER (Copiar) , ,

SKU: GA-0030.

White gold and titanium choker formed by rough aquamarines, white diamonds and ice diamonds.

A unique choker to represent the Arctic meltdown caused by climate change. The piece, divided into two articulated parts, has a side made of white gold and titanium drops of intense blue like the melting rivers that reach the ocean in its maximum splendor. Around them we can distinguish small incisions in the form of drops that advance to the opposite side. Cracks of white gold and diamonds on rough aquamarines reflecting the breakage of ice to culminate in the formation of the water tear, a pendant in which ice diamonds descend into white diamonds to finish the drop.
Diamonds of ice, a compendium of beauty and tragedy.


titanium, White gold


aquamarines, ice diamonds, white diamonds