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The Art of Jewelry

In Sie7e are carried out all steps of jewellery: Design, manufacture, import stones, finish and sale at their two own stores in Madrid and Valencia.


Sie7e Jewels Gallery has its own workshops of production, gems setting and galvanize, all of them equipped with state-of-the-art-technology at their customers’ disposal if they want to restore their own pieces.



Where the magic of this jewellery is. Where everything starts. Guillermo Martorell, jeweller and designer, has its source of inspiration both in nature and in his daily life.

So that’s why a feeling, an emotion or even a landscape,
can become a jewel.


As gemmologists and diamond experts, they import all kinds of stones to create their jewels. Such is the passion for these minerals that the final design depends on the stones attributes. They always try to combine these qualities and take care of every detail.



Every piece is finish with handicraft procedures, using microsetting technique and finally, if necessary, is completed with a galvanize finish.

Talking about Sie7e Jewels Gallery is talking about honesty in materials and forms. The search to catch the viewer’s eye and awaken interest about the elements jewels are composed of, is our source of inspiration and the reason why we consider our jewels as works of art.