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SIE7E is a family company and it was born as a homage by Guillermo Martorell to his wife.
For her, the number 7 has special significance, and together they have managed to transmit the passion,
dedication and enthusiasm needed in the world of jewellery.



For the whole family, 7 reflects this differently to build to think,
and to create. The mixture of illusion and art, is what they use
when creating their jewellery, designed with essence to be unique
and to evoke emotions. Custom designs, pure craftsmanship
and unique design in the work of diamonds and precious stones.
A long jeweller tradition of craftsmanship creation supports them,
as well as creativity designing unique pieces.


In 2009 their first boutique was opened in the historic city of Valencia.
In May 2015 a second store was inaugurated in the Salamanca district of Madrid.
Both boutiques designed with the same style that reflects the brand essence.